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Remember - madness comes in many forms.

A Troubled Mind

I was a journalist for 38 years before falling foul of drastic cost cutting measures at the Fairfax Group in Australia, as part of an  industry wide problem. The advertisers are going online. The bulk of my career was spent on the Australian Financial Review including, just to give a few highlights, stints as a science writer and Perth bureau chief and two separate tours as a leader writer. I also edited a specialised business magazine, CFO. Before joining the AFR I was on what were then called trade publications, as well as suburbans and country newspapers.


In all that time I occasionally wrote skeptical material about human influence on climate and the obsession with renewable energy. I have also had a book published on those subjects, but I have deliberately avoided mentioning the book on this site and won't discuss those issues here. Those are matters for elsewhere.


However, the strength of the response and emotion displayed over any discussion on those issues, where I was portrayed as a black-hearted villain of the kind that heroes in white hats regularly defeat, made me think that the fictional villains of this world may have a case. Perhaps they are not all that bad. Hence the site.


It will also showcase the occasional e-book I intend to publish. Hope you enjoy.



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