Avatar: mining companies can be good guys.

Academics have gone to so much trouble to whitewash the behaviour of the Na'vi, with the 2009 film depicting their side of the story. But the real problem was that the human miners would not agree to handing over their own people to be sacrificed. See article.

Sauron just wanted his ring back

Okay, he was a villain rather than a good guy but Bilbo was still a thief who made the big score - a very valuable ring - and was foolish enough to try bargaining with Sauron over its return, with predictable consequences. Link to article.


Wayland-Yutani: good reason for denials

The Aliens in the long-running series of films were certainly not good guys but Wayland-Yutani, the corporation supposedly behind the nefarious doings in the first film, were certainly not guilty of all the wild accusations flung at it by the sole survivor of the original expedition.  Link to article.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader - the good guy who lost. He was trying to hold the empire together while the adventurers were trying to tear it apart. Okay, he wiped out the Jedis but he had a good reason for doing so. A free e-book explaining all of this will be released soon.

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