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Just up from the country and scratching for a job in journalist Miles Black winds up on the Northern Sydney suburban weekly the Koala Bay Bugle.  Jobs in journalism are what you make of them but the office manage hates him, his fellow report detests him and the editor in chief cannot be bothered with the reporters in his charge.  All that would be fine by Miles if only the beauteous Anne would notice a dirt-poor reporter from the bush.

Disgraced in all of Koala Bay

The Zen of Being Grumpy

The Zen of Being Grumpy is about finding the right way to be grumpy. don't be an old person who yells, but a person who puts young people and their various enthusiasms firmly in their place. Young people bounce around in the morning. Provided they don't try to talk to you before your first cup of coffee, let them. With any luck they'll fall in love with someone from Greenpeace and move away. The next you'll hear of them is that they have been arrested by the Russians for trying to interfere with drills rigs in the Arctic. You'll think in passing, although not out loud, that at least the Russian prisons have some use, and get on with your own business. Published by Connor Court. Click on the link below.



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