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Media in the time of covid

A few notes about the programs I've been watching.

Space Force (Netflix) - I keep on forgetting to mention this one. This is somewhere between an office comedy and a political parody, starring Steve Carell as the air force general in charge of this sixth branch of the American military set up, in real life, by Donald Trump. John Malkovich (gasp!) plays the main scientific advisor. Quite a line-up. I saw one review which stated the series could not make up its mind whether it was a comedy or a satire. Certainly, for those who hate Trump, there is not much in the series but I enjoyed it. Watched the first season. A second is in the works.

Raised by Wolves (Foxtel) - the first two episodes were directed by Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner) who is also an executive producer. After four episodes I'm not sure what to make of it but I will keep watching. A more apt title might have been Raised by Androids. Two androids escape from an earth ruined by religious wars to raise a number of children on a new planet, only to be followed out by followers of the religion which caused much of the trouble. This is somewhere between Mormonism, Christianity, and the long-gone Roman religion of Mithraism (seen as an early rival to Christianity). Mithra gets mentioned a few times. I will keep watching if only to find out where the writers are going with all of this.

Star Girl - middle school super heros. The supervillains are also at school, and Star Girl's stepdad operates a giant robot that he made out of car parts. Enough said, I suppose. The main character wins a prize for the least impressive costume in the whole DC universe. Shorts, really? And, no, not interesting shorts just shorts. I suppose this is more practical than the short, pleated skirt worn by supergirl through seven seasons (I stopped about season three when they started fighting for transgender rights). You would think that a girl whose day includes holding up whole buildings and being thrown through walls by their aunt (a long story) would wear pants suits or shorts, and tights like male super heros. Anyway, not bad fun.


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